Does your business require foreign
language communication in Italy or elsewhere?

As a professional translator and interpreter with more than 15 years’ experience, I provide fast and accurate translation and interpreting_services from and into the major European languages across a wide spectrum of subjects. All these services are customized to meet your specific needs effectively and promptly, from evaluation and quote, until the final product.

In all the services I provide, I guarantee high_professional_standards, first class quality, competitive pricing and maximum flexibility.

For the languages or topics in which I don’t specialize, I can count on a dedicated team of qualified translators and interpreters selected from staff regularly working with me at the EU’s translation and interpreting services, who will deliver effective solutions, on time and within budget. I know that there are translation agencies that claim to manage a world-wide network of hundreds of interpreters and translators, but it is virtually impossible to check the credentials of such a large pool; moreover, I think it is essential to personally know the members of your team and the way they work.

All that and much more distinguish me from other translation agencies.


After attaining a BA in Translation at the prestigious Milan Interpreters and Translators School followed by a Master Degree in Conference Interpreting at Strasbourg University, I started my career as a simultaneous interpreter at the European Commission and the Council of Ministers in Brussels, where I still regularly work. Back in Milan, I interpret on the occasion of conferences organized by private organizations and public institutions, and assist businesspeople visiting their clients or suppliers in Italy.

I also teach Simultaneous Interpreting at the Master Course in Conference Interpreting at Milan’s ISIT (Istituto Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori).

Prior to finishing University, I started teaching English and French in several companies and to work for Italy’s major agencies as a translator. I have specialised in several fields, among which are software localisation, tourism, marketing and engineering, while continuously developing the translation skills necessary to accurately communicate the message and details contained in the many kinds of documents I work on.

Over time I have evolved, grown and learnt to deal with many companies and varied situations - all of which combine to make my professional life more varied and interesting! I have a keen devotion to my job and I am passionate about providing the very highest levels of personal service.

My clients now include numerous SMEs as well as large corporations: rest assured that, whether you are an international organization or small firm, I am pleased to offer you excellent language services of international standards. No job is too small for me.


A good translation/interpreting job provides a total solution delivered to a standard where the message is equally effective in the translated language as in the original; it is the guarantee that your message is communicated to the target market in the best possible way.

The fact that only I and this limited number of interpreters and translators undertake most assignments means that your job will be managed by exactly the same people who have successfully met the needs of numerous other companies, and not by newly-hired, inexperienced people.


I know price is always a factor when considering language services: working as a free-lancer with low-cost infrastructure (no secretaries, no big offices...), I offer extremely competitive rates: on average, about 20% below the established agencies’ rates.

This is coupled with streamlined procedures: you will have one single point of contact for all your needs, thus ensuring the best possible turnaround time and precise accountability. The person to whom you’ll speak on the phone will be the same person who will work on your project and will invoice you, thus avoiding time-consuming confirmations after a long series of phone calls: I’ll always know what you are talking about!

Should you need to modify a sentence at the latest moment, to change the speakers’ list in a conference or to move your visit to a company to another day, just pick up the phone and call me: you will have an immediate answer and confirmation.

I encourage you to contact me for further information or a free estimate on your project. All clients are well received and I’ll be more than happy to talk you through the whole process to make it as efficient and trouble-free as possible.


Whether you’re an individual or a business, communicating with foreign language speakers will help increase public awareness of your company, educate consumers about your products or services, and help you keep abreast of your competitors. In short, a professional language translation service will open your possibilities for expansion and growth.

I regularly undertake assignments to translate:

• Business correspondence, business documentation;
• Field-specific translations: law, science, engineering, etc.;
• Personal and corporate websites;
• Software;
• Magazines and newspapers articles;

• Brochures, promotional and advertising material, marketing scripts, presentations.

Timelines for completion of language translation services are flexible and will be determined on an individual basis, depending on the scope and complexity of the original text.

Your translations can be delivered in a variety of ways: by e-mail, on CD, by fax, or as hard copy (via snail mail or courier).


In all my translations, style and accuracy are of paramount importance to me, the former playing a crucial role in successful communication – especially when translating press releases, brochures, company presentations, Websites, etc - and the latter being vital in technical documents in order to make sure that readers will easily understand them and fully realise the potential of your products.

My colleague translators work exclusively into their native language and in subjects relevant to their qualifications and experience. If I do not have someone who I believe can do the job properly, I will decline it.

And as I know that keeping abreast of terminology is crucial, I evaluate and purchase new dictionaries and use the latest specialized glossaries published on the Internet, including EU terminology database system IATE. And because your needs may be different from those of any other client, I build and maintain a customized list of the terms used in each client's texts and ensure that the translations correspond with their guidelines.

The other important factor that helps in ensuring and maintaining quality is that all translations are carefully checked by a second translator to ensure that they have the appropriate terminology as well as the correct rendering of nuances and style.


Interpreters are in great demand in the current global climate. With people from all over the world participating in business meetings, conferences and events, overcoming the language barrier naturally becomes the key to ensure all attendees contribute and benefit from such occasions.

Toghether with my team, I provide language assistance in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and other European languages for business meetings and negotiations, trade fairs, conferences, presentations, factory/company visits, product training sessions, seminars and many other situations where one or more people can’t understand each other due to speaking different languages.

Interpreting usually takes one of these forms:

Consecutive interpretation - the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is delivering his/her speech and delivers the message after the speaker has finished talking. This is more useful in one-to-one meetings and small groups.
Simultaneous interpretation - the interpreter delivers the message at the same time as the speaker, listening through earphones and transmitting the message by using a microphone from a booth. This type of interpreting is used in large conferences, where numerous people are likely to listen to the translation. It should be kept in mind that the nature of this work requires specialist equipment and at least two interpreters due to the mental fatigue experienced by the work.
Chouchotage (whispering interpreting) - the interpreter listens carefully and transmits, by whispering to the clients, what is being said. This is appropriate for gatherings of fewer listeners. If you require this service for a whole day it will be necessary to source at least two interpreters.


Before hiring an interpreter, read the following
anecdote(1) : a big multinational company convened a last-minute press conference: the CEO addressed the journalists in his native German while interpretation into English was provided for the international press. Five minutes into the Q&A, English-speaking journalists were complaining that what they had heard through the interpreter was unintelligible. An internal investigation later established what had gone wrong: the booth had been manned by a translator without much experience in simultaneous interpretation techniques. He had worked for slightly under two hours on his own. He had been hired by a simultaneous equipment rental company...

This shows that in interpreting, like in all sectors, experience does make a difference. Knowing two languages well and having a University Degree is not enough: you need a lot of practice and continuous monitoring.

I’ve been regularly working as a simultaneous interpreter for the EU since 2002 (over 200 meetings) and I’ve gained a significant experience on Milan’s private market.

I only work with a limited number of tried and tested, professional conference interpreters colleagues that I select on the basis of their language combination, past experience, subject affinities, and availability.

The anecdote also shows that the more intermediaries between you and the interpreters, the more difficult the whole process becomes: hiring your intepreters directly will help you get better results.

To make sure that you are getting real value for money and to avoid putting your CEO in an uncomfortable position at your next event, just contact me and I will help you get the best out of your meeting.

(1) from AIIC website